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Creating a Mentoring Culture

My career growth was not only as a result of my dedication to my work, but also as a result of the mentors that I included in my career journey. I have had about 10 mentors in my career so far and they have been instrumental in creating my career success. I have also had the opportunity to drive mentoring programmes for organisations and to volunteer in various mentoring programmes.

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Millennials and careers: becoming work-wise in the 21st century

Any mention of the word ‘millennial’ (aka ‘’Generation Y’’ – born 1984 and after) can cause a fair number of employers to develop a jaundiced eye. Born between early eighties and late nineties, millennials have grown up with the development of the online age; computers, smart-phones and digital are part of the very essence of their understanding of the world. They are the largest generational inheritors of the baby-boomers’ working world – and they see things differently.

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Uncharted territory: Approaching your career as a voyage

‘‘I am on a voyage of discovery. I search for those of you who will go on a great adventure… if you are one those audacious few willing to dare and then to share… then come with me!’’ William Danforth
The ground-breaking seafarers of bygone times had to venture into strange and stormy seas to discover worlds that were still hidden to the known civilisation. These were daring missions. Yet, they were greatly instrumental in unleashing the potential of foreign lands. There is much we could learn from these bold men – not discounting a bunch of career lessons. Why not put on your life jacket and sailor cap, kindle your pioneering spirit and picture your professional path as an exciting sea expedition?

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Being your Own Brand of Inspiration


It is January 2017, most of us if not everyone is feeling energised and excited at the prospects of what a new year holds. It’s about new year resolutions, inspiration, new beginnings, adventure, possibilities and all of the better, bigger, grand ideas we can think of. Sadly, for most of us, this feeling and mindset only lasts up until the end of January. Research from the University of Scranton (USA) suggests that only 8% of people achieve their new year goals.

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Prepare for Producitivty


Most of us start the new year with big hopes, some extra energy and… well, a backlog which soon weakens that fresh hope and energy! As a year draws to a close, we tend to leave things “for later” as we feel tired and overburdened or simply too ready to party! However, “later” (AKA the new year) always comes with a decent measure of its own obligations and to-do lists. I thus want to pose a revolutionary idea: instead of beginning a new year with an old pile, why not begin it with a head-start on productivity?

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