About Self Insights

The Self Insights Story

I launched Self Insights in 2014, with the vision of transforming potential into performance and inspiring organizations to grow their talent.

I offer self-leadership development solutions to individuals and organizations. The main focus of the Self Insights coaching and training methodology is building individuals as the leaders of their own lives – to thrive in both their personal and professional capacities.

Research, practice, and general observation confirm that most organizations rely on classroom-based training interventions for human capital development.

For corporate training interventions to be effective, there is a need for ongoing support outside the training room. This is why we offer personal coaching and training, where the focus is on positive outcomes surrounding certain embedded personal behaviors.





Taking initiative

Achieving this will give your employees clarity on their purpose within your organisation – moving them from where they are to where they want to be to the benefit of both you, as the employer and your employees.

‘‘The Self Insights journey inspires clients to shift, to change, to take action.’’

Nokubonga Mbanga, Founder and Principal Consultant

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