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About Self Insights

Self Insights was founded in 2014 by a professional with extensive experience, expertise and skill in the field of personal and leadership development for the mutual benefit of organisations and individuals.

Our mission is to transform potential into performance.

Interventions such as personal efficacy, assertiveness, confidence and many such soft skills are necessary for an individual to perform optimally in their work environment.

Line managers do not necessarily possess the tools, time or other resources to continually impart these skills to the workforce. It is expected that employees should have a high sense of awareness, emotional intelligence and great interpersonal skills – the type of qualities that must also be exuded by managers.

Research, practice and general observation confirm that the majority of organisations normally focus and rely on classroom-based training interventions for purposes of human capital development. Although these interventions add much desired value to individual development, they are unfortunately not sufficient in isolation.

Employees need ongoing support outside the training room. This is because, as we grow and develop throughout life, some behaviour will be embedded in an individual’s DNA. In order for these interventions to be more effective, there is a need for personal coaching and training, especially the type of coaching that leads to positive outcomes surrounding personal behaviour.

Outcomes like:

  • Assertion
  • Confidence
  • Being proactive
  • Taking initiative

Coaching and training tends to bring out the best in people. It’s a collaborative effort between the individual and the coach to help determine factors that inhibit their performance. This is done at the pace of the individual to assist in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be – giving clarity to their purpose within the organisation.

Our belief is that all individuals have an undying desire to be meaningful, to inspire and to be inspired, to contribute positively and make a difference. The business of Self Insights is therefore to help organisations enhance the latent qualities of their workforce.

We offer self-leadership development solutions to individuals and organisations. Our main focus in coaching and training is to build individuals as the leaders of their own lives in order to thrive in both their personal and professional capacities.

The Self Insights coaching and training journey inspires clients to shift, to change, to take action! Start your journey today by getting in touch with us.