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Client Testimonials


Director, Ochre Media (PTY/LTD) A Division of Times Media
“I highly appreciate the role that she played as a coach.”

“I worked with Nokubonga Mbanga on the production of a reality show for SABC 1, which dealt with social issues faced by young women in the community of Dannhauser in KZN. Bongi’s expertise as a coach yielded positive results in most instances where these young girls had to be asked the toughest questions in order for them to realize how the choices that they made in their lives impacted their lives today.

Her professionalism, ability to ask the right questions that unlocked the deepest of emotions from the young ladies was absolutely remarkable. She provided guidance to these young women when we felt that we’ve reached a dead end in terms of helping the girls realize their potential. As a director on the show I highly appreciate the role that she played as a coach to give the series the potential that it has when it comes to dealing with human emotion.”


Series Director/Producer
“Bongi went above and beyond her role.”

“I had the great pleasure of working with her on a reality series I led in KZN to be shown on SABC 1. Bongi was the co-host and had her hands full with presenting, interviewing, and providing the show participants with valuable and often life changing advice. She is simply fantastic, because she managed to juggle all of that and looking fabulous on camera!

Bongi is a team player and has gone above and beyond in her role to build team skills and camaraderie amongst the rest of the cast, participants and crew. Her dedication to the project kept us all going to the end!”


Marketing Professional, Mnet/Mzanzi Magic Channel
“Nothing short of phenomenal.”

“My experience of Nokubonga’s personal coaching has been nothing short of phenomenal. Nokubonga was recommended to me by my mentor after my promotion to middle management. Signing onto Nokubonga’s coaching has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The coaching has been a vital contribution to my holistic personal development and enabled me to reconcile my personal and career aspirations. I now show up as myself throughout all spheres of my life and no longer feel a disconnect between who I am and who I want to be. I would highly recommend Nokubonga’s coaching to people who are invested in their personal development and wanting to transition to the best version of themselves.

Nokubonga’s coaching is invaluable, go for it!”


Associate Director Learning and Development, Nike MEA
“She’s incredibly knowledgeable, intelligent and driven.”

“Working with Bongi within Nike’s emerging markets region was an absolute joy. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, intelligent and driven. She goes the extra mile and is a true professional. Always in for learning something new, a good listener and a really pleasant colleague! I was impressed with the ideas she had for learning strategies, how she set up programmes in SA, and generally with her view on things. I have no doubt Bongi can reach great heights in her career.”


CSI Programme Manager, Tiger Brands
“You made me really comfortable to share.”

“Nokubonga, I want you to know the profound difference you have made for me in my life. One of the most important lessons that you taught me and that will stay with me for the rest of my life is “to celebrate little achievements”. Your informal, yet genuine way of getting a person to open up is not intimidating. You made me feel really comfortable to share. I would not have made the decision I made without your coaching and your ideas, suggestions and support.

Your energy seems endless and the passion and unconditional support you show for your work is amazing. Even when not ‘actively coaching’ I can feel your heart still hard at work sending unseen messages, you walk the talk. Wow – what a difference it has made in my life and I am so thankful for this and more.

Thank you so much.”


Marketing Director, FMCG SA
“Now I know my worth.”

“My coaching relationship with Bongi started in June 2014 in Johannesburg. I had been recently hired as a Marketing Manager. It was my 2nd career move, after spending 10+ years with my first employer. The adjustment to the new environment, raised all my insecurities and fears to the surface.

The change I’ve gone through has been very rewarding in my life. Both personally and in my career. I have closer relationships with my family and friends and I have enjoyed major career success with an award-winning work and an executive job offer that I accepted. I live in Cape Town – a city behind the transformation pendulum… and I have the self love, acceptance and know-how to navigate a new industry, in a senior position, in a different city… and I’m truly loving it.

Now I know my worth. The coaching journey has unleashed my greatest potential. Thank you for helping me “really be me.

Thanks Bongi!”


Executive, FMCG SA
“She helped me uncover insights that were barriers for me.”

My coaching experience with Nokubonga Mbanga started with a recommendation from a dear friend who just said “Friend you should try this, just try”. Our first meeting was like our 4th meeting. Nokubonga’s gift of listening and taking the time to listen to me attentively was a breakthrough to loving myself unconditionally.

Her passion for continuous personal development with a keen focus on creating an environment where I could tap into my true positive inner self was priceless. I have had a purpose and great plans on paper for years (like having a Rolls-Royce in a garage but not driving it). She helped me uncover insights that were barriers for me “to open the garage and go for a spin”.

She has had a huge impact on my life, I am now more focussed, action orientated, only working in alignment with my values, and more than anything, as I reward myself more and take time out to sharpen my saw. She reminded that I am me and that on its own it’s worth celebrating life.


Quality Control Manager, FMCG SA
“You are an excellent coach!”

“The coaching you assisted me with helped me a lot in discovering who I am (work and personal):

  • Being emotionally intelligent when dealing with people
  • Communication skills, feedback reporting
  • Consistency
  • Changing my behaviour
  • Being patient with myself
  • Not giving up
  • Focusing on what is adding value to the team and myself
  • Following my principles and values
  • Suspending judgment
  • And just by applying those principles, it has helped me tremendously. My management skill has changed. What I appreciated so much about the coaching is that you focused on where I was at the beginning and you also asked me what I would like to see at the end of the coaching. You dealt with the burning issues and the results were phenomenal within a short period of time.

    You are an excellent coach!”


    HR Executive, FMCG SA
    “Nokubonga is able to simplify complex concepts.”

    “Nokubonga assisted me in a change management progamme that was focussing on developing technical skills and behavioural competencies.

    She capacitated the HR team, created structure and processes. She is very reliable, hardworking, amiable, challenging, a good collaborator and very influential. Nokubonga is able to simplify complex concepts up to operator level.”


    Co-Founder, SpringAge SA
    “Bongi is warm, fun and realistic.”

    “I have had the pleasure to go on a coaching journey with Nokubonga. I use the word journey deliberately as she has been able to help me navigate and continue understand myself better.

    She has made my coaching experience one that is light, non-judgmental and really practical. Bongi is warm, fun and realistic! I would highly recommend Bongi as a coach to anyone who is willing and ready to take their life to the next level.”


    HR Manager, Consulting Organization SA
    “Bongi helped me to transform my goals into actionable tasks.”

    “Bongi helped me to break down my goals and transform them into actionable and manageable tasks. Bongi’s easy manner, ability to listen, logical thought process and sound business acumen have assisted in understanding the situation at hand. I value her ability to grasp a variety of business problems, unpack them and create simple and achievable goals.”

    N. LALL | HR

    HR Manager (with a background in Pharma, Food, Insurance and other sectors), Ireland
    “Bongi ‘gets it’, she responds to your individual needs.”

    “I contracted Bongi as a Personal Mentor and have worked with her for the past eight months. Working with Bongi has really helped me grow in my role as an Organisational Change Leader. Bongi “gets it”, she responds to your individual needs. She articulately brings her creative thinking to bear, enabling you to see situations from new perspectives.

    Her energy and insightfulness make every session a complete pleasure. Bongi has a wide range of experience, working directly with leaders in industry settings, and it shows. With her practical no-nonsense approach she focusses on your immediate challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bongi to anyone wishing to develop their leadership potential.”


    Proposition Delivery Manager, Banking SA
    “This has indeed been an investment into my most valuable asset, me.”

    “When I found Nokubonga and approached her to be my Life Coach, I had no clue what to expect out of my sessions with her. All I knew was that I needed a partner to work with me in achieving my goals and work together towards my self-development. The sessions helped me to celebrate what I have achieved thus far and embrace the person that I am. I learnt how to remove emotions from stressful situations and consciously manage the situation as it presented itself. I am truly grateful for the sessions that I have had thus far and am looking forward to seeing the woman I will become in society as we continue working on my development.

    I would recommend anyone who is at a stage in their life where they need to be elevated to the next level, to partner with her. This has indeed been an investment into my most valuable asset, me.”


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