Do you want to raise your self-awareness and show up in confidence?

Self Insights coaching conversations bring a blend of heart, intellect and action!

The Self Insights coaching journey empowers individuals to show up their best selves by connecting into their values, power and vision. Our coaching approach provides growth and support for clients to be more resourceful in all areas of their lives so that they can experience their full potential and transform it into performance!

I provide a safe space to explore your thinking, feelings and needs and encourage you to make decisions that support your value and worth. The approach is practical and enables transformation that brings about deep and lasting change from the inside out.

Our journey together is about reminding you that you are whole and complete. Our sessions will, therefore, focus on peeling back all the layers that are blocking you from experiencing your true potential.

As founder and principal consultant, I offer compassionate coaching for creating and facilitating change and growth.

I am passionate about continuous personal development with a keen focus on building individuals as leaders of themselves. I believe that deep inside every person there is a desire to live a meaningful life, to have a purpose, to live with inspiration and make a difference!

I work with talented, driven and productive individuals that want to make a difference in the world while honouring their values and inner wisdom.

Self Insights coaching packages are about helping you explore and co-create your


Lead yourself and others to thrive.


Get clarity on your most ideal self and the actions needed to grow and be successful.


Discover your passions, values and motivation to create the experiences you desire, both professionally and personally.


Be accountable, challenged, encouraged and supported to experience your personal best.


Develop the ability to connect with yourself consciously.

Coaching Packages

Owning my Career

Owning my Career

Owning my CareerOwning your career is an invitation and inspiration for you to create ideas, skills and events that correlate with your intention.   Purpose The aim of this coaching journey is to help you...

Inspired Heart Conversations

Inspired Heart Conversations

Inspired Heart ConversationsCONNECT - GROW - THRIVEShow up! Rise! This is a vibrant network, designed to promote women’s personal growth, professional development and the advancement of women in the world. We facilitate expert knowledge transfer, peer to peer...

Leading Self

Leading Self

Leading SelfFind your power. Be your best. Own your story. Self-leadership is the ability to influence and inspire yourself to achieve your objectives. Leading yourself is an evolving daily practice.   ...

Shine Inside and Out

Shine Inside and Out

Shine Inside and OutAttain your goals by creating transformation from the inside out. A deep coaching programme designed to: revolutionise your inner world; help you connect to your core; and live with more authenticity and passion.   [icon name="play-circle-o"...

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