Imagine A Woman (IAW) Mentoring Programmes

IAW programmes inspire and support women to develop an internal infrastructure, grounded and powerful enough to keep them on course, moving their lives, relationships and dreams forward from the inside out.

The “Imagine a Woman” poem by Patricia Lynn Reilly reminds us that we must imagine new possibilities, self- understandings, and experiences before we can manifest them.



The IAW Perspectives, Processes, Programmes, and Practices are infused with creativity. Using a beginner’s mind, we untangle the scripts and stories that shape our understanding of ourselves. We commit the courageous, creative acts of authoring our own lives, loving our own bodies, and crafting a woman-affirming language.


Choose from five different programmes:

  1. The journey home to yourself
  2. Heal into the present
  3. Author your own life
  4. Love your body
  5. Relationship from the inside out



One day per programme or presented in six 2-hour sessions

Contact me for an obligation-free 60-minute introductory session today!

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