Inspired Heart Conversations


Show up! Rise!

This is a vibrant network, designed to promote women’s personal growth, professional development and the advancement of women in the world. We facilitate expert knowledge transfer, peer to peer learning, and the sharing of women’s personal experiences.



Coming together to craft a possible future. We provide you with a safe space for self-reflection and self-discovery. Space for you to connect with yourself and others, and improve your wellbeing.

Our range of facilitated topics includes mind, body, work and relationships. Each of the sessions are facilitated by an experienced coach.



  1. Discover and explore your potential
  2. Be inspired to act and thrive
  3. Build a strong internal infrastructure
  4. Evolve and fuel your personal and professional growth
  5. Celebrate your own journey, learn and access inspirational stories



6 to 12 sessions per year that include dedicated topics

2 hours per session

For maximum impact, a minimum commitment of 3 months is recommended

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