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The Self Insights methodology empowers individuals to show up their best selves by connecting into their values, power and vision. We offer personal, leadership and career development coaching.

Self leadership is entrenched on your ability to lead areas of your life authentically and career/talent development is focussed on building an individual’s career through focussing on showing up as a leader.

Our coaching approach provides growth and support for clients to become more resourceful in all areas of their lives so that they can experience their potential. We provide a safe space to explore your thinking, feelings and needs and we encourage you to make decisions that support your value and worth.

We will help you to explore and recreate your:

Discover your passions, values and your motivation to create the experiences you desire professionally and personally.
Lead yourself and others to thrive.
Get clarity on your most ideal self & the actions needed to grow and be successful.
Be accountable, challenged, encouraged & supported to experience your personal best.
Develop the ability to connect with yourself consciously.

Our approach

  • Explore current reality
  • Create awareness
  • Encourage insight
  • Assumptions
  • Thinking
  • Patterns
  • Encourage practice
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Establish boundaries

Facilitation Road Map

  • 360 assessment
  • Performance Management (PM) review
  • SDI assessment tool
  • Training needs analysis
  • Min 4 & max 8 participants
  • Interactive & experiential
  • Development action plan
  • Group coaching to review progress & support required – 3 months after training
  • Individual coaching 1 month later
  • Action plan & next steps
  • Feedback to line manager & employee
  • 360 assessment
  • PM review
  • Assess need for further coaching to ensure sustainable change