Hi, I am Nokubonga Mbanga

I am an author, leadership and personal development coach, award-winning training and development leader, and the founder of Self Insights.

I am passionate about helping businesses and individuals discover their leadership potential and exploring new pathways to success.

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Meeting Your Power (with DJ Zinhle)

Meeting Your Power is the story of two remarkable women, DJ Zinhle and Nokubonga Mbanga, who have experienced life’s ups and downs.

They share the lessons learnt on their life journeys through inspirational words – words that will invoke your inner power, words that will help you return home to your essence, and words that will encourage you to return to the source of your power, the power that we are all born with.

Being empowered is a choice; it is a daily decision that defines who we are and it is accessible to everyone. Meeting Your Power is a reminder that power is inside all of us, and that your journey to empowerment begins with you!

About Self Insights

I launched Self Insights in 2014, with the vision of transforming potential into performance and inspiring organisations to adapt a mentoring culture.

I offer self-leadership development solutions to individuals and organisations. The main focus of the Self Insights coaching and training methodology is building individuals as the leaders of their own lives – to thrive in both their personal and professional capacities.

Research, practice and general observation confirm that most organisations rely on classroom-based training interventions for human capital development.

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Define your purpose

Define your purpose

Nokubonga’s suggests asking yourself questions that will help you define your purpose, capabilities and highest possibilities/footprint. 1. Defining and connecting with me Who am I? What are my passions & desires? What are my values? 2. My capabilities What are my...

Investing in Courage

Investing in Courage

I was recently having a coaching conversation with a client of mine who is in the HR space, and we were discussing challenges that she experiences with business when encouraging the importance of considering soft skills training for employees. We explored various ways...

Uncharted territory: Approaching your career as a voyage

Uncharted territory: Approaching your career as a voyage

‘‘I am on a voyage of discovery. I search for those of you who will go on a great adventure… if you are one those audacious few willing to dare and then to share… then come with me!’’ William Danforth The ground-breaking seafarers of bygone times had to venture into...

Now I know my worth. The coaching journey has unleashed my greatest potential. Thank you for helping me “really be me.

Z. Peffer | Marketing Director, FMCG SA

"Her passion for continuous personal development with a keen focus on creating an environment where I could tap into my true positive inner self was priceless. I have had a purpose and great plans on paper for years (like having a Rolls-Royce in a garage but not driving it). She helped me uncover insights that were barriers for me “to open the garage and go for a spin”.

K. Mabaso | Executive, FMCG SA

"You dealt with the burning issues and the results were phenomenal within a short period of time.

You are an excellent coach!"

A. Gaolefeloe | Quality Control Manager, FMCG SA

"She capacitated the HR team, created structure and processes. She is very reliable, hardworking, amiable, challenging, a good collaborator and very influential. Nokubonga is able to simplify complex concepts up to operator level."

S. Molefe | HR Executive, FMCG SA

"She has made my coaching experience one that is light, non-judgmental and really practical. Bongi is warm, fun and realistic! I would highly recommend Bongi as a coach to anyone who is willing and ready to take their life to the next level."

N. Fente | Co-Founder, SpringAge SA

"Bongi helped me to break down my goals and transform them into actionable and manageable tasks."

C. Wessels | HR Manager, Consulting Organization SA

Bongi “gets it”, she responds to your individual needs. She articulately brings her creative thinking to bear, enabling you to see situations from new perspectives.

N. Lall | HR Manager (with a background in Pharma, Food, Insurance and other sectors), Ireland

The sessions helped me to celebrate what I have achieved thus far and embrace the person that I am. 

I would recommend anyone who is at a stage in their life where they need to be elevated to the next level, to partner with her. This has indeed been an investment into my most valuable asset, me.

P. Letlape | Proposition Delivery Manager, Banking SA

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